Jack Brooks 22.12.11

Passed with 0 DFs!!! - A CLEAN SHEET!!!!!

 I was very anxious when it came to taking my driving test and I would always doubt myself. Vikki never let me give into my nerves and worked hard to boost my confidence. I enjoyed taking my lessons and they were always made fun. Vikki really is a fab instructor who makes you feel comfortable when in the car. I would recommend Top Gun to anyone

Tasha Dowling 25.10.11

Passed FIRST ATTEMPT!!! with 6 DFs


Kelsey Scott 19.10.11

Passed FIRST ATTEMPT!!! with only 2 DFs


Craig Miller 24.09.11

Passed with only 2 DFs

 *****I had been with another instructor who used to mess me about with my lessons. So Vikki was recommended through a friend and it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. She is an amazing instructor and puts you a ease instantly. The lessons are enjoyable but also professional. She has helped me gain confidence in my abilities and is worth every penny. I'd recommend Vikki to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. I just passed my test today with only 2 minors. Never been happier. And it's all thanks to Vikki Holt. Gonna miss my lessons now that I've passed. Thanks Vikki. Xx

Karen Auty 22.09.11

Passed FIRST ATTEMPT!!! with 8 DFs


Scott High 19.09.11

Passed with only 4 DFs

Thank you for everything Vikki! Couldn't ask anything more from an instructor! You made all my lessons relaxing and enjoyable - you are a natural rapport builder, which kept me at ease! I'll certainly recommend you to anyone!! Xx

Jemma Mirza 13.09.11

Passed with 6 DFs

***** I would highly recommend vikki as a driving instructor, very friendly and proffessional, nerves are nt a problen while learning with vikki she makes u feel so comftable n builds your confidence. Was defnitly worth every penny! Thanks vikki x x x:-)

Louise Richardson 23.08.11

Passed FIRST ATTEMPT!!! with only 1 DF

***** I would highly recommend Top Gun driving school! Vikki is an amazing instructor, she puts you at ease as soon as you get in the car! Shes very professional, understanding and makes the lessons as enjoyable as she can! I was reeeeaaaaalllly nervous about everything but with Vikki's training I passed first time with only one minor.......I couldnt have done it without her! Thank you so much Vikki.....I miss our lessons hahahahaaa never thought I'd say that xxxxxx

Thomas Vail 03.08.11

Passed with only 3 DFs

***** when i started driving lessons with top gun i improved as a driver. vikki is a realy good driving instructor, she helps you improve as a driver and makes you feel much more confident. vikki also makes driving lessons much more enjoyable. thank you for the help!"

Paul Woods 24.06.11

Passed with only 3 DFs

*****I have tried other Driving Schools and Top Gun is the only one I would recommend a friend of mine has just started taking lessons with Vikki and my wife will soon be buzzing the tower with Vikki. If anyone needs the support and encouragement to pass your test and become a confident driver then this is the School to go with. Top Gun Driving School - The Elite Best of the Best"

Emma Conroy 15.06.11

Passed with only 2 DFs

 ***** i first started with top gun driving school as a beginner, and i was able to learn how to drive in a very stylish mini :) vikki holt is an amazing instructor, she makes you feel at ease and is a very easy person to get along with. she made me believe in something as when i began i was a very nervous person but now i feel full of confidence everytime i get into a car. thanks so much vikki not only did you become my drivng instructor but u became my friend :P xxxxxxxxxxxx"

Kayleigh Lynch 06.06.11

Passed FIRST ATTEMPT!!! with only 4 DFs


Caroline Holmes 20.04.11

Passed with 0 DFs!!! A CLEAN SHEET!!!!!

***** its always been my dream 2 do my driving i never thought id do it until i met the best instructor vikki holt who installed confidence and self belief in myself 2 achieve one of my goals in life thank u so much mrs vikki holt ure simply the best xxxx

Julie Pickard 24.03.11


Hi Vikki i would just like to say a big thankyou for all your help and support for teaching me to drive and getting me through my driving test i will recomend you to my friends thanks again Julie xxxxx 

Sam Robe 13.0311

Passed with only 3 DFs

***** I took so many lessons and had so many instructors before i chose to go with Top Gun, referred through a friend of a friend, and its the best thing i done! Vikki is so friendly and such a good tutor shes sympathetic yet stern she's just like a friend, young at heart and this eases u the minute your in the driving seat! Learning to driving with Top Gun was great, i now have now a full licence and made a new friend in the process! Top Gun is the way forward :) xxx 

Mark Longstaff 31.01.11

Passed FIRST ATTEMPT with 0 DFs!!! A CLEAN SHEET!!!!!


Sean Mason 24.01.11

Passed FIRST ATTEMPT!!! with only 2 DFs


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