Jessica Jackson 17.11.15

Passed with only 2 DFs

Thanks Vikki. Would totally recommend you. Your driving methods and teaching ability are second to non. 😀
As I passed with only 3 minor.  Well worth 5 stars rating. 😀😀😀xxx

Joe Lamb 15.10.15

Passed with only 2 DFs

Well done Joseph im so proud as always and a huge thanks to vikki for all your help and support xx

Vicki Coburn 06.10.15

Passed with only 3DFs

And not for getting a big thank u to Vikki Holt I cudnt ov done it wiv out u  x

Jordi Kyle 15.09.15

Passed FIRST TIME!!! (again) with only 1 DF

That photo is categorically horrific. Oh Lord. But thanks for everything

Daniel Jackson 18.08.15

Passed with only 2 DFs

Thanks vicky id recomend you any day , very supportive

Carmel Nichol 30.07.15

Passed with only 5 DFs

Thank you Vikki  for your patience, making me stick at it and tidying my house this morning whilst I ran round like a headless chicken  will miss my lessons xxx

Eve Jefferson 07.07.15

Passed with only 3 DFs

Thank you so much for all your help, especially with my confidence! I would recommend Vikki to anyone :-) x

Rachel Freeman 07.04.15

Passed FIRST ATTEMPT!!! with only 5 DFs

Thank you so much Vikki! You're by far the best, most encouraging, most patient driving instructor in the world, especially putting up with all of my meltdowns!! There's nothing and no one you can't tackle and I'm so grateful for everything you've done for me and all of the wisdom you've passed onto me! Onwards and upwards from here but il miss our lessons so much, thank you for everything Vikki! Best and most glamorous instructor in the whole of the North East!xxxxxxx

Vikki Swinhoe 30.03.15



Sarah Brennan 23.03.15

Passed with only 2 DFs

Thanks a million xox

Thomas Heightley 03.03.15

Passed FIRST ATTEMPT!!! with only 1 DF

Thank you Vikki for being a brilliant driving instructor couldn't have done it without you

Connor Bell 27.02.15

Passed FIRST ATTEMPT!!! with3 DFs

Thanks vikki, you're a great instructor and I would recommend you to anyone! Thank you!!! X



Ryan Leggett 11.02.15

Passed FIRST ATTEMPT with 3 DFs

Thank you so much Vikki!

Natalie Clark 27.01.15

Passed with 2 DFs

Thankyou so much Vikki Holt couldn't of done it without you your a great instructor and great friend gonna miss our lessons aswell xxxxxx

Gemma Seymour 16.01.15

passed First Time with 0 DFs


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